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Happy Birthday, sc_fossil

 I hope you'll have a wonderful day, sc_fossil

for sc_fossil's birthday

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birthday, Jaicen5!

 I hope you'll have a great birthday, jaicen5! :-)

Hunter Hunted, for Jaicen5's birthday

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birhtday, Macklingirl!

Mixed Doubles

Jigsaw Puzzle

Widescreen version:
2560x1440px versionCollapse )
I hope you'll have a wonderful day, macklingirl!

Happy birthday, sc_fossil!

I hope you'll have a wonderful day, sc_fossil :-)

Created for sc_fossil's birthday

Jigsaw Puzzle


heliophile_oxon prompted me to do an ebook cover for Gloria Lancaster's story On Guard:

On  Guard by Gloria Lancaster

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birthday, ci5mates!

I hope you're enjoying your day, ci5mates with this wallpaper. :-)

Mixed Doubles, created for CI5mates's birthday 2016

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birthday, heliophile_oxon!

Bodie and Doyle send you all the best from their GQ foto shoot, heliophile_oxon.

Created for heliophile_oxon's birthday 2016

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birthday, Macklingirl!

I hope you've had a wonderful birthday, macklingirl!

Btw, Macklin was looking for you. ;-)

Mixed Doubles, created for Macklingirl's birthday

Jigsaw Puzzle


In The Public Interest

Jigsaw Puzzle

Created for  The Weekly Obbo Challenge 298 - teaandswissroll

Happy Birthday, jaicen!

Look out jaicen5, our lads are already on their way to your birthday party. :-)


Jigsaw Puzzle

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Created for Discovered on a Silent Night at discoveredinalj


DIAG Between The Scenes

I'd like to thank macklingirl for the idea and firlefanzine, who invited me to join in on today's doppelleben_ci5 review of this episode. They both inspired me to do this video which is a fresh view of this episode and also a perfect fit for today's All Souls' Day.

If at all, you only get glimpses of the lads. For the most part I've confined myself to use extra grainy stills right before or after Bodie, Doyle and sometimes Cowley appear on the screen, set in chronological order, so you should be able to follow the storyline.
I've chosen one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard to accompany the sequence of stills, performed in an appropriately quiet way by Skeggs.


Created for the teaandswissroll Weekly Obbo Challenge 225.

WORDS B – DIAG – by cloudless9193

WORDS D – A Man Called Quinn – by cloudless9193

Jigsaw Puzzles

Words: A Proposal by Jojo


Created for the teaandswissroll Weekly Obbo Challenge 222.

Jigsaw Puzzle

BODIE for Alison

Inspired by Alison who was so kind to provide the screenshot. :-)

BODIE for Alison – by cloudless9193


Jigsaw Puzzle


Created for the Weekly Obbo 209.

JOKE B – You ll be Alright – by cloudless9193

JOKE D – Blind Run – by cloudless9193

Jigsaw Puzzles


beautifully covered by Eddie Berman with Laura Marling



Created fo discoveredinalj iscovered in a Christmas Cracker

White Christmas - Stopover - by cloudless9193

Jigsaw puzzle

Firefox Persona


Created for discoveredinalj – Discovered in a Christmas Cracker.


I Wanna Go to Marz