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An ep-like story with lots of partner-worry and h/c. I don't think it is archived anywhere else.

Substitute Part One by PRZed

Substitute Part Two by PRZed

Bodie was never sure what woke him up. All he knew was that he was suddenly lying on his back, wide awake and staring at the ceiling of an anonymous hotel room. He took a deep breath, turned on his side and closely examined the man beside him.

The man's hair was curly, but even in the pre-dawn light Bodie could see it was strawberry blond rather than the russet it should have been. His body was lean and well muscled, but those muscles had not been acquired running Jack Crane's obstacle courses or combating Brian Macklin's fists. And his hands, his hands were smooth and free from calluses, the hands of a man who made his living at a desk. Those hands, and the man they belonged to, had never climbed a cliff, nor fired a gun, nor tried to bring an ancient motorcycle back to life.

In short, the man was not Ray Doyle.
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