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Two fics by Callisto

It's hard to choose, so I picked these two which are in fact ten.

Four Things Bodie Survived, And One He Didn't

By the time Cowley has finished tearing a strip off Doyle for letting Mad Billy get the drop on him, off Bodie for breaking cover to reach them, and off Murphy for swearing at all of them over the R/Ts, he is managing the look of bored belligerence he does so well, and is certain he can speak again if required to.

Four Times Bodie Stayed in Bed, And One Time He Didn't

He sat quietly for a minute more and tried to feel the urgency to get up, to shrug Doyle off and find something to do ahead of the cavalry strike he was certain was on its way. But the pull was not to get up and act. Rather it was to simply sit on this filthy mattress in this terrible place and soak up the man behind him. And not just through his shirt.

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