cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

Down to Zero

Bodie finally makes his move, Doyle evades, things get worse still.

Down to Zero
by Draycevixen

It had been a Tuesday night, six months, two weeks, four days, three hours and twenty-five minutes ago when he’d looked across the table over his third We-survived-another-one pint of the evening and came to the sudden heart stopping realization that he was in love with Raymond Doyle. It had come as such a complete shock to him that he’d choked on his mouthful of steak and kidney pie and Doyle had had to thump him on the back several times until he could breathe properly again. An inauspicious beginning, is the way Bodie fancied Cowley would have described it in a report, if he’d ever been stupid enough to tell Cowley.
Tags: draycevixen, recs

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