cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

Opening lines

It's amazing how writers can pull you into a story with the first paragraph or even the first sentence. I've always admired that skill.

Here are some of my favourite opening lines:

The road to Damascus, as far as William Bodie was concerned, was in the car park at Finchley Central station.

The day after the sentencing was also the day after Bodie kissed Doyle in a lift. 

Doyle had never in his life wished quite so hard for a camera.

This is not the worst Christmas ever.

I didn't expect it to end like this.

Ransom Tooley fell face down into his winning hand of aces and eights.
(Fear of Immortality by Salazar, Proslib CD)

Sometimes Bodie dreams. 

"What does that prove?" Doyle demanded to an apparently empty room.

Liverpool went a goal up and caught in the moment Bodie forgot and stretched for the biscuits.

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