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Behind this peculiar title I discovered a gem which I think is worth mentioning here.

It's a Patalliro crossover but you don't have to have watched this long-running (1979 - ongoing) Japanese manga to follow the story. 
Patalliro is the first anime series to present homoerotic themes on television and Bishonen is a Japanese term meaning "beautiful youth (boy)".

The plot is not so important, it just gives Doyle the opportunity to rescue a hurt Bodie, and both of them the time to explore their feelings for each other and to heave their until then mostly matey relationship on to the next level. And while they are dealing with this they remain our very recognisable, very macho and independent lads.

Bishonen Op by DVS

"Do not fear," Van Colan said soothingly. "You are one who recognises the dual nature of man." He drew Doyle close again, one arm around his shoulder, so that he could lean his face against Doyle's curls. "But you are not for my bed, that is clear. A pity." His regret was sincere, and he did not withdraw the comfort of his arms. He did lean forward and whisper in Doyle's ear. "Bodie?"
Doyle turned to stone in the circle of Van Colan's arm.
"I thought so," Van Colan laughed into Doyle's curls. His hand drifted down from Doyle's neck to his arm, hip, and buttocks. "You'll need luck to get that one into your bed," Van Colan commented.
"No." Doyle straightened. "YOU would need luck. I'd just need--time." Then, amazed that those words had come out of his mouth, and even more amazed to learn that he desperately wanted his words to be true, he pulled free of Van Colan's caressing hands. "Sorry, mate," he said, smiling.

The sequel is Bishonen Too

"Oh, work!" Doyle interrupted. "Standing around like an elegant mannequin all day. At a fashion show!"
"Not my fault they got bomb threats," Bodie replied, following Doyle to the bathroom. When Doyle didn't have an instant comeback, Bodie punched him in the arm, rather harder than he needed to. "Still thinking about me with all those models? We have a no-birds policy, remember? And we promised to tell each other if we ever wanted it otherwise."
"I know." They'd agreed to give their relationship an honest chance. Flirting was okay. They had their images to maintain, after all. CI5's hottest studs.
"Well? Have I said I wanted a bird? Did you think I'd go behind your back to have one?" Bodie asked, letting Doyle see his anger.
"No!" Doyle took a deep breath and said in a more reasonable tone, "No, I didn't think that. It's just..."
"It's just you can't imagine wanting your skinny little frame when I could have the skinny little frame of some model? Stupid prat. Could have a sweet little blonde yourself, instead of a 'hundred stone lummox'!"
"I only said that yesterday because you landed on my foot," Doyle protested, but he was grinning now, reassured.
"Ummm." Bodie snatched a kiss. They'd made another rule. No demonstrations of affection or hints about their relationship to be given in public. They tended to do quite a bit of touching and kissing at home to make up for the totally professional attitude they strove for at work. Although Doyle's idea of what was professional...

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