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Whatever you want

I really enjoyed this one:

Whatever you want
by Draycevixen

"So you called me. What do you want Ray?"

"I want you."

"Want me to what?"

"I want you."

"Look mate, it's late and I know you've had a lot to drink, but you're going to have to be more specific about what you want me to do. Spit it out."

"Earlier, you said whatever you want, Ray."

"And I meant it so you don't have to keep repeating it."

Bodie watched as Doyle shifted his weight to one hip, staring at the carpet. Doyle appeared nervous. Doyle was never nervous.

"D'you need someone killed?"

"Course not." Doyle's head jerked up.

"'Cos if it's Cowley you have in mind, I'm only prepared to maim him. Now anyone else--"

"I don't need anyone killed or maimed." Ray ran one hand through his damp hair in a useless attempt to push it back from his face, before attempting a grin. "But it's
awfully nice of you to offer."
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