cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

Today's rec

is Tomorrow's Life by Jojo.

First of all, I adore the introduction, one of the most alluring I've ever read:

The day after the sentencing was also the day after Bodie kissed Doyle in a lift. It was Wednesday, fresh and breezy. Their working partnership had crawled past its first birthday and was almost on its feet.

Everyone woke in their own beds.

Starting from this every sentence, every word is spot-on. There is plot, there is hurt/comfort, both ways, and the recurrent theme of who woke in whose bed. There are so many memorable scenes, I could quote them all, but for now settle for this one:

It had been in between the first and ground floor that Doyle's grasp of what constituted normality turned to dust. Bodie had just stepped across the space. Out of his space, across the empty space, into Doyle's space. One step, a hand, a kiss. There had been no joke, not the merest glint in his eyes. Doyle remembered thinking they had turned black. He had to blink before he saw them blue again.

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