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The first one is a gorgeously unromantic drabble by Jojo. It's a good thing I saved the entry for printing as I can't find it online anymore.

The St Valentine's Day Message

Thought of this while on the bus.  Missed my stop.

Anonymous gifts made Doyle twitchy. Either they exploded or they were from the wrong person.

Here was a chocolate heart in red cellophane, almost certainly sent by a romantic because it bore no message.

And here was a message on the back of a bus ticket. Slipped through the letterbox while he slept unawares, it had fluttered to the mat and lain there all night.

Liverpool's red,

The Kop's feeling blue,

Last night we were shite

Thank fuck I've got you

Poetic soul, that boy, thought Doyle, and lobbed his abandoned heart across the kitchen, to land where it might.

It's a drabble, my first ever attempt.  Thanks to the writer's_block support group for great advice on drabbling!


And here are Cupid and the lads. Enjoy!

The Valentine Situation by The Hag

"I should know better than to get mixed up in your devious schemes, but...who are you after this time?"

Cupid indicated two men in a dreary office. "They should have been loving each other senseless since last February," he explained, "but some weird cultural inhibition has been getting in the way."

"Really?" Erato took a lively interest in anthropological curiosities. Anything daft that kept lovers apart tended to be good for business.

"Something about closets."
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