cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

Florida Sunshine

Doyle's finally seeing the light.

Florida Sunshine by DVS

Doyle, glass in hand, watched his partner. Bloody sod. Damn fool. Only Doyle was not sure which of them he was branding with these names. He damned Bodie for his unconcern, for stretching out in the sun like some sleek panther, while Doyle nursed this bubbling pot of anger.

Only it wasn't all anger. It was jealousy, it was impatience, it was confusion and fear. All hidden, he hoped. It had to stay hidden until he understood what was going on, until it was clear. Either he was going out of his mind, or he was changing. In either case he had to wait to find out if the state was temporary or permanent. No way was he going to open his mouth before he had it all figured out.

So he sat and brooded while the breeze played with his curls and the pool filled up with nubile young things of both sexes.

Tags: dvs, recs

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