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The Scarsdale Pact

One of my favourite Christmas stories.

The Scarsdale Pact by Jojo

"Kiss it better?"

"Ha ruddy ha."

"Are you going to be able to - ?"

"What? Walk ten miles with galloping hypothermia? I might."

"Seriously," said Doyle. "Mustn't get cold."

Bodie let his chin droop on to his chest momentarily. Then he slapped one gloved palm down on the ground and held up the other, gloveless, to Doyle whose warm fingers slipped around his icy ones. He didn't make a sound as he allowed himself to be levered up to standing again, but Doyle saw all there was to know in the scrunched face and closed eyes.

"It really is about ten miles, Bodie," he said quietly. "So you need to tell me."

Bodie opened his eyes with a jerk. Although he was sure about being desired, he was never quite sure of being cared about and he assumed Doyle had made the Pact on the basis of the former rather than the latter.

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