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A Statement of Affairs

Doyle looks back. Atmospheric.

A Statement of Affairs by Gloria Lancaster

Do you remember, I wonder, the very first time that we saw each other? In the corridor, outside Cowley's office? You had just come out and I was just going in, we passed in the doorway, each of us standing aside, politely, to let the other one go first, then we each side-stepped at the same time, then we both laughed, not quite looking at each other, the way strangers do in situations like that. Then you moved to the left and I to the right and you passed me and went down the corridor what I now know to be the staffroom, leaving a faint trail of Le Trois Homme floating in the air behind you. Of course, then I didn't know that was its name, just that it smelled nice. Now I know its name, how much it costs and that it's only sold in Harvey Nicholls.

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