cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

And it felt like a kiss

Bodie finally loses his cool.

And it felt like a kiss by ailcia

Bodie looked at him, and pushed his way past. Once in the living room, he turned quickly and seemed to be continuing an argument Doyle should have known about, holding a hand out wide and incredulous.

“I mean… You don’t just wander off like that, Doyle. You just don’t!”

Doyle blinked. “I’m sorry - you give a shit?”

A pause followed by a scoff, and a downwards swipe of the hand which became clenched at Bodie’s hip.

“Don’t be daft,” he said coldly.

And that was that. Bodie gave him a bit of a bollocking about leaving him to deal with the Old Man all on his own, but that was that. The banter that evening held an edge to it, but it was the best they had and it was all they needed. Bodie darted out and had bought beer before Doyle noticed he was missing.

A can, thoroughly warmed, was thrust into his hand, and his shoulder was dealt a swift, smarting clap. Bodie threw himself back down in the armchair and turned his gaze to the news. Doyle could only look at him, and wonder.

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