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They finally realise what's going on. A first time, beautifully told.

Awakening by Sally Fell

The press of bodies around us was pushing us closer and closer together and we were just about capable of lifting our drinks to our mouths without elbowing some innocent soul in the face. It was as I leaned in towards him that I felt his hand on my back. Very gently he was trying to play the piano on my backbone. I tried to ignore it at first, telling myself that in a pub as busy as this was there was no way of telling where your hands would end up. But when his hand alighted on my arse I knew that things weren’t exactly as they should be. I somehow managed to move around so that I had my back to the bar and I fixed him with a stare.

“What are you up to?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady when in fact my insides were shaking like a leaf.

His eyes were boring into my face.

“Are you as thick as you look or what?” he replied.

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