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Towels and Matters in Hand

A Bodie POV, first-person and in present tense. It needs a really good writer to make it work. All in all a rewarding read!

Towels by Brenda K

I treated him a bit like glass when he first came home, I remember. Keeping an eye on his heartbeat, making sure he took his pills, that sort of thing. Drove him nuts, that did, but he tolerated it. Just.


I'm addicted to Doyle, I decide happily as I watch him hog all the space and cheerfully kick off the top sheet. Both in bed and out of it, scrappy, awkward little bugger that he is,

And he snores.


He refuses to meet my eyes and wades through a pile of stuff, doing cheerful with the secretaries and downright chummy with Murphy.

I'd like to shake him. Or thump him.

No, I'd like to take him in my arms. Hardly appropriate in the middle of the office although at one point I start to think I'd do that rather than lose him

If you enjoyed this, maybe you should try her longer fic

Matters in Hand,

which is much the same style, alternating between Bodie's and Doyle's POV. One of my favourites, too.

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