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Another Pros Rec

These three fics I have definitely never seen recommended and they aren't  archived anywhere except on the website of the author. I came upon them purely by chance, and I'm glad I did: Cards, Cards on the Table Part One and Cards on the Table Part Two by Georgina Kirrin. They belong together and have to be read in this order, in fact I see them as one. It's rather unusual, not a classic pros fic, AU (CI5 doesn't exist any more, Ray is married, Bodie has left England), Bodie's POV, and the first part, Cards, is written in first person. The story (especially Cards) is really heart-wrenching; every time I read it, I think I can physically feel Bodie's pain. But it gets better and it has one of the sweetest endings I have ever read.

I stopped writing back to him in 1991; he'd been married a couple of years by then, and he was happy, and it was.... hard. Didn't stop him writing though, I always said he never needed any contribution from me to have a conversation, and twice a year, my birthday and Christmas, I'd get a card (to Bodie love Ray and Indira), and a letter, and once or twice a photograph.

I could never work out whether getting them made things easier or harder. .....
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