cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

Bodie's Day

Bodie worries about Doyle. Enjoyable!

Bodie's Day by Josey

Eight in the evening found them on Ray's couch, Chinese plated up on their laps and the match on the telly. But for once the food didn't go down easily and the football failed to amuse. Bodie felt like he was the one under the death sentence, not Ray, though if you didn't know it, you'd not have said he was sick tonight.

Complaining loudly about the referee, Ray was sitting forward in his chair, fork waving in the air as he made his point, pleasure writ large on his face. And all Bodie could do was stare hungrily at him, starving for every moment they had left together. No restraint for him. Not where Ray was concerned. He devoured every gesture, every swear word thrown the ref's way, every shared glance and smile, all the while wondering if this time would be their last.

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