cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

Noises at Dawn

Doyle wants to explore, Bodie helps him out. ;-)

Noises at Dawn by Fanny Adams

"What about one of the lads on the squad?"

Doyle was startled. He hadn't considered the possibility. "Who?"

"Aah, you want names, do you?"

"Unless this is going to be a really blind date, yes."

"Tell me who you fancy. I'll tell you if he's available."

"You prat! Okay... ah," He thought very hard but couldn't come up with one possibility. "I don't really fancy anyone on the squad," he confessed.

"Nobody at all? No handsome face has bewitched you? No leanly-muscled body had driven you into ecstasies of the naughtiest kind? No sparkling blue eyes have winked at you in open invitation?" At which, Bodie fluttered his eyelashes wildly and Ray collapsed in a fit of laughter. "It's The Cow, isn't it?" Bodie demanded. Ray gurgled helplessly. "No, it's... it's... Macklin, isn't it? S&M? That's why you enjoy the bashing he gives us."

Ray laughed until he hurt. When he finally began to recover he gasped, "the only one I could ever fancy is you, Bodie." There, it was out. Bodie's face shuttered immediately.

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