cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

An Inordinate Desire

I love her Bodie, and I love her Doyle, and the first and the last few lines of this fic, and all the words in between.

An Inordinate Desire by Callisto

He leant over his still seated partner to collect up another empty dish, straightened, and then froze as Bodie’s hands locked around his waist, keeping him where he stood. He felt the press of Bodie’s cheek against the denim of his right hip bone, heard the tick of his kitchen clock in the sudden quiet, and sent up a silent prayer of thanks for his bottomless pit of a partner. He breathed steadily and didn’t say anything.

“Been a prat, haven’t I?” Bodie tilted his face up, tucking his chin onto the jut of hip bone.

Doyle looked down and swallowed. ”You? Nah, scarcely noticed, mate.”

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