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Once in a Good Long While

One of my favourite authors, she really knows how to write these tender moments the lads are sharing in her rather action-packed plots.

Once in a Good Long While by Lacey McBain

"I swear to God, Ray, I won’t go looking for it.  I won’t."  Bodie leaned his forehead against Ray’s, feeling the silky touch of curls against his skin.  "I promise I won’t go looking for a bullet.  I wouldn’t do that to you."

They were close enough Bodie could feel Doyle breathing unevenly against him, head nodding in the dark.

"That probably shouldn’t be comforting, but it really kind of is," Doyle said quietly, and Bodie slid an arm around Ray’s shoulders and pulled him into a kind of awkward hug, hand slipping into still-damp curls.

"Yeah, it is."

They clung to each other like that for longer than was strictly necessary or probably wise, but Bodie couldn’t bring himself to let go until Doyle did, and Doyle just pressed his face into Bodie’s shoulder and breathed hot air against the thin fabric of his tee-shirt until Bodie could feel beads of sweat starting to form at the nape of his neck.  It was long enough he needed to shift his weight, sliding onto his back, dragging Doyle with him, unwilling to let go.  Between the flowered comforter, the summer heat, and Doyle’s bare skin, Bodie was sure his core temperature had risen about ten degrees in the last few minutes.

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