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No Score Draw

Doyle likes to obsess, Bodie likes to throw up. One of my favourites.

No Score Draw by Jojo

One minute they had just been mates in adversity, Bodie berating Doyle bitterly for scaring the shit out of him by having the bloody cheek to nearly get killed, a hairsbreadth away from emoting, and then the next he had got this look on his face that completely floored Doyle, literally floored him. Swept off his feet and on to the carpet while his arm was still in plaster, bringing a lamp and a small table down with him. "It's shag pile you know," Bodie had said in his best licentious tone, which might normally have made Doyle laugh out loud. Only on this occasion the rough-gentle way Bodie had got him down, and the shock of those lips on his mouth, just plain whipped the air out of his lungs.