cloudless9193 (cloudless_9193) wrote,

Framed & Start Me Up

Both are undercover in black leather chaps, Doyle is flirting and Bodie ends up in a cage. Very fun to read!

Framed and Start Me Up by Draycevixen

“If I didn’t already know what you think about this alley I’d fuck your brains out right now.”

“If you were stupid enough to try it your brains would be spread all over it.”

“Stop smirking, you priapismic—”

“Anson! Jack wants to know where you are!”

Bodie turned to face the figure backlit in the doorway and started walking rapidly toward him. “I’m coming, all right?”

“Not yet you aren’t. We’ll settle this later,” Doyle yelled after him.

“Promises, promises.” Bodie threw one hand up in a two fingered salute and disappeared through the door.

Tags: draycevixen, recs

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