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Aug. 9th, 2013 06:10 pm (UTC)
I love that finger wag! You can still see the connection between them, even if there's anger in the air. Nice colours, too.
Aug. 9th, 2013 06:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm so pleased you like it. :-)
Aug. 9th, 2013 09:00 pm (UTC)
Yay, them together!

And Steve making magic butterflies!! *squee*

That's true love!
Aug. 10th, 2013 09:49 am (UTC)
I'm pleased you like the butterflies! :-)
Sep. 7th, 2013 07:25 pm (UTC)
Beautiful and funny art work, cloud! As a real water color lover, I'm distracted by the beautiful fond you arranged :-)
Sep. 8th, 2013 07:08 am (UTC)
Thank you, Smirra! I think it would be really fun to try a real watercolor. :-)
( 6 comments — Leave a comment )