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Happy Birthday, solosundance!

 I hope you'll have a wonderful day, solosundance! :-)

Hawaii Five-0 S1.02 OHANA

Jigsaw Puzzle


heliophile_oxon prompted me to do a wallpaper and an ebook cover for Gloria Lancaster's story On Guard:

On Guard by Gloria Lancaster

On  Guard by Gloria Lancaster

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birthday, Jaicen!

I hope you'll have a fantastic birthday, jaicen5!

Hunter Hunted, for Jaicen's Birthday

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birthday, ci5mates!

I hope you're enjoying your day, ci5mates with this icon and the wallpaper. :-)


Mixed Doubles, created for CI5mates's birthday 2016

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birthday, heliophile_oxon!

Bodie and Doyle send you all the best from their GQ foto shoot, heliophile_oxon.

Created for heliophile_oxon's birthday 2016

Jigsaw Puzzle

Happy Birthday, Roven!

Hawaii Five-0 S6.13

Jigsaw Puzzle

I hope you'll celebrate the whole day long, roven75 :-)

Happy Birthday, Macklingirl!

I hope you've had a wonderful birthday, macklingirl!

Btw, Macklin was looking for you. ;-)

Mixed Doubles, created for Macklingirl's birthday

Jigsaw Puzzle


In The Public Interest

Jigsaw Puzzle

Created for  The Weekly Obbo Challenge 298 - teaandswissroll